These Six Herbs Can Help You Reverse Inflammation, Boost Brain Health And More

The following 6 herbal supplements can help you promote your health:


Studies show that ginger is an excellent spice for morning sickness and can neutralize the adverse side-effects of chemo. Ginger extract also has a more powerful effect than Dramamine in motion sickness sufferers. If you’re suffering from motion sickness as well, prepare a cup of ginger tea with honey and drink it before your travels. Or you can opt for a ginger supplement, 500mg of the extract before your trip or four hours before your voyage ends. Pregnant women should be careful with their ginger consumption and shouldn’t take more than 2gr a day.


Sage is an excellent spice for boosting your brain’s function and has potent antiseptic properties effective in the treatment of sore throat. It is effective in Alzheimer’s treatment and memory problems. For example, if you want to use sage in the treatment of Alzheimer’s take 30 drops of sage extract a couple of time a day. If you want to use it to treat sore throat, gargle some sage tea 3 times a day.


It is a potent antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial agent and studies show it’s effective in the fight against cardiovascular inflammation. Garlic extract effectively lowers your LDL cholesterol levels and thus prevents atherosclerosis. For arterial protection take about 200-300 mg of garlic supplements a day. But be careful not to combine it with warfarin or aspirin as it’s known to interact with these drugs and thin the blood, leading to blood loss.


As we previously mentioned, oregano has potent antibacterial properties and protects your body from infections. This herb is also effective in reducing inflammation in the body. According to some experts, oregano can also treat diarrhea and giardiasis, but most people use it for respiratory problems. It’s effective in the treatment of flu and the common cold but make sure you don’t take it in excessive amounts. The best option for consumption is to consume 20-30 drops of oregano oil in a glass of water about 4 times daily.


Turmeric is another potent anti-inflammatory herb which is effective in relieving arthritis and osteoarthritis pain. Experts recommend adding just a pinch of turmeric added to every meal to take advantage of its health benefits. If you take turmeric in the form of a supplement, 4mg of turmeric a day are recommended.


And finally we must mention peppermint, the most soothing herb for stomach problems. This herb can be used in the treatment of all kinds of digestive issues and a peppermint coated capsule is the best medicine for IBS symptoms. You can either opt for a couple of cups of peppermint tea on a daily basis or take 2-3 peppermint coated capsules in the case of IBS.

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