When you start with this diet don’t worry if it seems that you’re putting on weight at first, this is completely normal. But if you continue to follow the instructions you will lose up to 40 pounds at the end of day 13.

You need to stay on this diet for exactly 13 days, not one day less nor more because the diet is extremely low in calories, with just 600 calories daily. Because of the low calorie intake you will probably feel tired and you may have some vitamin or mineral deficiency due to the lack of versatile food. The diet is quite unbalanced and doesn’t include fruits, dairy and whole grains. You also may feel hungry all the time and prone to some illnesses.

The following rules will help you keep it up until day 13:

  • Beer, vine, chewing gums and sweets are off the limits during this diet and if you break even one of the rules your diet will be ineffective.
  • If you break any rule you’ll have to give it up and pause for 6 months before you try it again.
  • The diet has to last for 13 days and not a day more or less.
  • You can substitute the beef, lamb or salmon with 250gr. chicken breasts,
  • You can spice up your food with oregano, garlic or pepper but not salt.
  • After the diet has finished you can continue to eat whatever you like but make sure that for two days after the diet you consume food in moderation.
  • Physical activity is not recommended during the diet because of the low calorie count.
  • If you want results you need to follow the diet for 13 days and follow the instructions to the T.
  • Best of luck!

The diet plan:

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